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After hearing all the fab reviews, I thought it was about time I tried out one of London's most luxurious fitness studios, Core Collective. And BOY did it live up to its reputation!

Tucked behind High Street Kensington in one of the most exclusive areas of London you can’t help but feel impressed. You first walk into a glorious open cafe with fresh healthy salads, juices and coffees to fuel you pre or refuel you post workout. The studios are beautiful, spacious and lit just well enough to disguise the soon to be sweaty, red faces!

And after 45 mins red we were!

Lindsay from Bespoke Office Fuel, Lily from Taylor Made Media and myself decided to do their TRX Resistance class, in their words “where stamina meets strength”. It’s just one of their three focused classes, the others are Velocity and Accelerate.

On initial impression what I loved was the small classes. With numbers limited to 8 ppl it meant our trainer, Paddy Coleman could really make sure everyone’s form was good - And as a Personal Trainer I loved that.

The class itself was tough - Especially for those who have never used a TRX before! They’re those scary- looking dangly ropes in the gym used for suspension training and the aim is to use your body weight as resistance to develop balance, strength and core stability.

Paddy mixed floor based calisthenics with exercises using the TRX ropes. A total body workout; and on leaving my glutes were on fire and my arms were shaking. Keen to pick up some new moves, I got introduced to a single leg burpee on the TRX….. this was the biggest challenge of the class but my word I loved it.

Apologies to all my clients who I make try this little beauty. It’s a great little finisher that’s for sure!

Final verdict? I sweated hard and had loads of fun. Such a great experience and I hope to be back soon.

A little late to the party but I’m glad I made it! Thanks Paddy and Core Collective!

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